General Facts

Visas and Travel

All visitors must have a valid visa to travel to and enter Australia. A Passenger Movement Charge (previously called “Departure Tax”) is included in your airline ticket price. Please check with your travel agent or airline for any further clarification.

Health and Travel Insurance

While Australia’s health standards are very high and Perth has many excellent hospitals with modern facilities, Traveller Medical Insurance is strongly recommended. Australia’s Medicare system does not include visitors, except where reciprocal agreements exist for immediately medically necessary treatment under their public health scheme (New Zealand, United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, the Netherlands, Malta and Italy).

Time Zones

Australia is divided into three time zones: with Perth falling in Western Standard (AWST or UTC/GMT + 8)– this applies to the whole of Western Australia including Perth, and is the same time zone as Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Manila and Taipei.

Daylight saving does not apply in Western Australia, however most States in Australia advance clocks forward by one hour between the first Sunday in October and the first Sunday in April the following year.

Banking, Currency and Credit Cards

The currency is Australian Dollars (AUD or A$). Exchange facilities are available at Perth International Airport, city banks and currency exchange kiosks. The Terrace Hotel accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club.


Mains supply is 240V-AC with a 10% tolerance. Frequency is 50Hz. The Australian three-pin power outlet is different from many countries, including Asia, so visitors may need an adaptor socket.

Taxes and Tipping

A Goods and Services Tax (GST) of 10% applies on goods and services purchased in Australia. Travellers to Australia may recover the GST under the Tourist Refund Scheme on departure.

There is no tradition of tipping in Australia – it is not expected and service is given with a smile. However, where the service has been particularly good, you may tip if you wish.


English is Australia’s national language and is spoken by all.


Australia is a tolerant society where many forms of religion are practiced. Perth is a multicultural community and is home to many churches, temples, mosques and prayer rooms that cater to a wide variety of religions. For information on places to worship, click here.

Public Holidays

For a full list of public holidays in Western Australia, please click here.