Wine Vault

The eastern side of the hotel features a separate entry to our private wine vault and the Sommelier’s Tasting Room. This unique facility of private wine storage and appreciation is ideal for special events, such as wine tastings or ‘Meet the Maker’ style events to be held in the Sommelier’s Tasting Room.

Our wine vault is a fully humidified and acclimatised space with oak shelving that is cross-referenced for ease of storage. It can be seen from the St George’s Terrace and the contents of the vault can be seen, as can those who enter it. It houses over 3000 carefully selected and guarded bottles from all over the world. The wine list reflects the highlights of each region and contains over 500 wines.

Bronze candelabras hang from the ceiling and the narrow vault is split into two distinct sections; one allows the Hotel to maintain our own fine wine storage and the other end enclosed behind a glass door is the private wine storage area. There is security of access for sections of bottles in groups of 12, with bronze locking pads on the shelves.